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Communication is the best medicine

How Qlinic Will Improve The Health Industry

Maintaining clear communication between the patient and the medical caregiver is a constant struggle. This communication gap is due primarily to navigating HIPAA privacy hurdles, complex patient filing systems, simple mistakes to update patient records, or cancellations of appointments or other scheduling issues. Qlinic was developed to solve many of these problems within the healthcare industry.

Qlinic is a platform that is designed to streamline the healthcare industry by reducing no show scheduling conflicts and improving the patient – caregiver communication process. It’s estimated that most healthcare providers currently have a no-show rate between 30 to 40 percent. We aim to reduce that rate to the single digits with Qlinic. Improving appointment management is only the tip of the iceberg. We are working on many other features that will improve the fundamental processes of all healthcare providers.

With features such as live chat, instant appointment confirmation, push notifications for patient appointment reminders and the flexibility for patients to reschedule appointments with the push of a button, Qlinic solves many of the problems plaguing the healthcare industry. Plus – with our secure socket-layer technology, we ensure patient privacy is never compromised – complying with HIPPA regulations through the entire app experience.

The Platform

Mobile App


Desktop App


Business Models


We want private practices to use the Qlinic platform for free.  Physician groups and hospitals will pay a yet undetermined fee.

Branded App

With our Branded App solution, we essentially take the features we built for the Qlinic Platform and develop a branded app for the healthcare provider.

Big Data

We want to improve health with data.

How Far Along Are We?

Qlinic was developed to have four individual platforms including:

  • A mobile app for the patient and healthcare provider
  • A web interface
  • An application for PC. This application is a dashboard that will allow the healthcare provider to quickly reply to patient inquiries from their end.
  • An API

So far – we have a REST API, developed a full back-end written in Node.js with websockets, and created an API which is 100% HIPAA compliant. J. Geeks have a Branded iOS and Android application in production which uses all the features which we have developed for Qlinic and can offer this to clinicians now.

We aren’t scared. Why? We have the luxury of starting fresh. For the past year we have been working on ways to make the most fundamental of clinical processes simpler and more streamlined. We continue to think of and put into development features that will improve other more complex processes. Flexibility and scalability have been a key component in our platform from day one!

What’s Next?

Qlinic is evolving quicker than we expected. In a very short period of time, we have developed a web app for appointment setting and live chat and are also working on a lot more interesting features to integrate with the Qlinic platform, like using ibeacon technology – something that has never been done in the healthcare industry.

We are also putting the finishing touches on developing a HIPAA compliant video chat feature.

In order to successfully launch Qlinic into the healthcare marketplace we require capital investors who not only see Qlinic as a tremendous value proposition – but understand the solutions we resolve inherent in the healthcare industry.

Branded App Reviews (Middletown Medical)

This is a very useful application to those users who are patients or are looking to become patients to doctors under the Middletown Medical umbrella. With the app users can search medical center locations, doctor information including name, practice, brief synopsis and contact information. Users can even contact doctors and request appointments from the app. Users can also favorite doctors for quick access. For anyone who routinely visits any of the MM locations this app is a must download.

D. Hill

iOS App User

Our iPhone app is a tremendously convenient resource for our patients, providing instant fingertip access to a wide variety of services.

Lori Marl

Operations Director, Middletown Medical

Communication is the best medicine