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About J.Geeks

Infused with talent, passion and a dedicated mission to develop apps that solve today’s growing problems; J.Geeks is not your average software company. J.Geeks is indeed a fully functional software factory, established in Tuxedo Park, NY, comprised with a team of talented rock-star engineers working out Buenos Aires, Argentina; one of the leading software engineering capitals in the world.

Registered as a business in Orange County, NY, our primary focus is on the development of WebApps, Desktop Applications and Mobile Apps that combine the latest technology with user friendly interface; designed to provide value to our clients. However, thanks to the diverse and talented group we’ve assembled, J.Geeks extends our core capabilities to include online marketing, website design & development, social media activation, graphic design along with video production and motion graphics.

Our mission is simple: develop software and app solutions that people want and need. In the app development industry, it seems that most developers focus on ‘what’s trendy’. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our clients; truly listening to what they; and more importantly – their customers are looking for with apps they use daily. We then collaborate as a team to simplify the process – then; make it happen.

We allow our engineers to utilize their creativity and skills to develop apps that simply make sense. It’s our intent to change the way industries communicate through the apps we develop. Yet, we also strive to create apps that also help to streamline business efficiencies, while protecting individual privacy records that can also improve the quality of life for everybody.

J.Geeks places an emphasis on product quality; paying attention to minute details and laying out a platform for overall success. We are a customer centric company – always striving to exceed the expectations of everybody we work with daily.

As successful business managers, we prescribe to the simple concept that people who represent any company comprise the lifeline that determines success or failure – in any industry. Our team of developers is honestly the heart and soul of J.Geeks. We take care of our engineers, providing them with the best tools, updated hardware, software and resources to produce quality-driven apps and software solutions for our clients.

Our team is a tight group who loves to travel, meet new people and visit new cultures. We often integrate many elements and ideas we come across during our expeditions into the apps we develop – placing a focus on product quality; without compromising the most important aspect of life – to have fun.

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The Engineers / Developers

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The J.Geek Lab

What we are currently working on

What is Qlinic?

Qlinic is a comprehensive platform that will streamline clinician’s processes and help patients better communicate with their healthcare providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of clients do you work with?

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our client-base. In fact, we’ll pretty much work with anyone. It really depends on the individual project and our current project management. If we can’t commit to the project, we will try our best to connect you with a software engineer that we know can take on your project.

What is your turn around time?

Unfortunately, there is no black or white answer to this question. The reality is that turn-around time depends on several factors. During our discovery meeting, we’ll work with you to come up with a project timeline that is feasible for everybody involved.

Where is your business registered?

J.Geeks is a registered business in Orange County, NY.

Where do you have your office?

We maintain two virtual office locations – our home base in Orange County, NY and our development office located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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